Let's take a hop

Makai Express was created to offer interisland service in Hawaii.
Currently our service from the mainland to the Island is on the 737-900ER with interisland service being flown on the CRJ-700.


Makai Express Island Hopper

Passengers, Crew of 4 
Number in fleet: 8 
Number of flights: 106 
Wingspan: 76 ft. Height: 24 ft. Length: 106 ft.
PowerPlant: 2 GE CF34-8C5B1's
Ceiling: 41,000 ft. Range: 1,378 nm.
Max T/O Weight: 75,000 lbs.
Designer: Project Aerosoft

Boeing 737-900

Makai Express Mainland / Island Hopper

Passengers, Crew of 6
Number in fleet: 5 
Number of flights: 10 
Wingspan: 117 ft. Height: 41 ft. Length: 138 ft.
PowerPlant: Two 26,300lb CFM56-7B24s
Ceiling: 41,000 ft. Range: 2,950 nm.
Empty Weight: 98,495 lbs. Max T/O Weight: 187,700 lbs.
Designer: PMDG / Zibo

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